Safer Links in Gmail

Google Gmail is most popular email service of the world. Recently as we reported Gmail web will get new UI very soon. Which include new layouts like default view, comfortable view, and compact view. Moreover it will have some more new features. Now again according to some sources the Gmail is testing Confidential emails which will expire automatically.

Gmail confidential email

You can compose confidential emails in Gmail very easily. In the normal compose box you will find a new lock icon, which stands for Confidential Mode. To create Confidential email you have to click on that icon, than you can┬áset the expiration date. After that expiry date the email automatically get deleted. Moreover, when you activate the confidential mode the emails can’t be copied, printed or forwarded.

The feature is very similar to the protonmail. According to the source the confidential mode is still note ready. But keeping in mind the previous leaks like the revamp of Gmail web UI. We think that in coming weeks google might roll out Gmail’s new Web UI along with confidential Mode. At present the company did not confirmed any details about this.



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