Data from an app rating and discovery company called Mobilewalla has surfaced that digs into the Android Market and found some interesting details about developers for Android. According to the metrics firm, the Android market is led by a number of very prolific app markers. The company also found that the apps on Android also see more updates per app than apps on the App Store at Apple sees.

I am sure that has to do with the fact that developers on the Android Market can update and publish as they see fit whereas Apple forces all updates through an approval process. The data the company published shows that in May Android devs that have created more than 100 apps and are responsible for more than 53% of the apps on the Market.
On the App Store, by contrast developers that have more than 100 apps to their credit only represent 23% of all apps. The implication is that the fast growth of the Android market means that it is driven by a smaller set of developers that are pushing out lots of new apps.
[via Gigaom]


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