If you believed the HTC line that the Sensation XL would be landing in November, there is reason to believe that may not be the launch date today. A UK retailer called Clove has tipped SlashGear that the launch date of the Sensation XL is actually closer than HTC wants us to believe. According to Clove, the smartphone will land in its stores on October 24 unlocked and SIM free.

Clove didn’t tip the price of the smartphone sadly. The Sensation XL is the Beats Audio smartphone that will ship with a set of Beats headphones. The smartphone is music focused, but it sounds like it will be a nice media phone too thanks to the big 4.7-inch screen. The only bit of letdown for the Sensation XL is that its processor is slower than the processor in the current Sensation.
Due to the larger screen and slower processor, the thought is the price might be the same as the current Sensation. I would not be surprised to see it cost more since Beats Audio is positioned as a premium brand. The video below is the SlashGear hands on so check it out.

[via SlashGear]


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