StandScan Pro is a portable scanning solution for your smartphone. It allows you to take high definition pictures of documents, 3D objects and many other things. In order to make images brighter StandScan comes with LED lights. It make images more crisper, brighter and more enhanced.


It is made of lightweight cardboard and some LEDs hooked up to one of three power sources. You can connect the LED’s present in the StandScan Pro with direct Adapter supply but if you guys are out of Home or Office then you can use its to Battery adapters – an AC adapter and two boxes one for a 9-volt battery and one that holds 8 AA batteries.

Portable – StandScan folds into a magazine-sized package with a power connector hanging off one corner. Its build is pretty simple including some magnets at corners to reattach after packaging. It is made of cardboard material and pro version includes LED strip on the top.




Due to its small size and packing capability you can take it to anywhere  in your laptop bag or any other.

Compatibility– It can work with any camera enabled smartphone, Android or iOS, it also worked with my iPod touch which is what I used to test it.  It can be used to scan documents, and take pictures that you can use for auctions, and record keeping.


Its dimensions are 12.2 x 0.3 x 9.1 inches and weighs 10.6 ounces.

The StandScan Pro is $29.95.  There’s a regular StandScan version with no lights for $19.95. Further after evaluating and using the StandScan we found that it is cheaper alternative to the StandDock which costs around $400.


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