After just over a year of envious grumbling, the Canadians have finally gotten their first taste of LTE. Rogers Wireless announced today that true 4G speeds are available to customers in specific coverage areas in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver.
While this is surely a cause for excitement for my fellow Canucks, the devices that are currently on this new network aren’t. At the time of launch, the only LTE device available to consumers is the Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U, a mobile “LTE Rocket stick” for laptops. On October 18, the HTC Jetstream will hit the market, with an LTE version of the Galaxy S II and the Sierra AirCard 754S mobile hotspot to follow in the weeks after.
Rogers has announced the pricing for the Jetstream, Galaxy S II, and the AirCard 754S on a 3-year contract or off contract, but MobileSyrup managed to get a hold of the full pricing details for the line up. Here’s a look at what Rogers will be asking for their LTE devices:
HTC Jetstream: Launching October 18th:
3-year contract: $499.99
2-year contract: $549.99
1-year contract: $599.99
No-Term: $799.99
LTE Samsung Galaxy S II:
3-year contract: $199.99
2-year contract: $549.99
1-year contract: $599.99
No-Term: $649.99
LTE Sierra Wireless 754S Mobile Hotspot:
3-year contract: $129.99
2-year contract: $149.99
1-year contract: $169.99
No-Term: $199.99
The coverage may not be vast and the devices may not be many, but it’s a start. Hopefully, Canadians will soon be able to stream hockey games and get directions to the nearest Timmie’s even faster.
Source: Rogers, MobileSyrup


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