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Xiaomi Mi A1, the first Xiaomi device that launched without the traditional attire, MIUI. That’s enough to describe this Android One compliant Xiaomi’s pocket-friendly, but feature-rich device. Launched initially with pure Android Nougat 7.1.2, and just recently got a major upgradation to Android Oreo 8.0. Of course, all kudos to the Google backed Android One project in which the Mi A1 is a part. Here’s a guide on how to change Xiaomi Mi A1 font.

change Xiaomi Mi A1 font

That said, note that the stock Android doesn’t even provide the facility to change font of the apps. The limitation is applicable to Mi A1 as it also runs the untouched Android Oreo 8.0, or the Nougat if not updated. Consequently, the majority of Xiaomi fans those who’re very well adapted to the myriads of customization possibilities provided by MiUI, ought to feel vague and disappointed. Hence, this piece of article is for them who’re in search of a method to change the font in Mi A1.

Without any further ado wasting much time, let’s see the method to change font in Mi A1.

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Change Xiaomi Mi A1 font Running Android Nougat/Oreo

N.B.: Root access is required to change the font. Currently, there’s no workaround for non-rooted devices.

We’ll be using an app called iFont in order to change the fonts.


  • Unlocked Bootloader
  • Root
  • Font Fix or iFont app (download links below)
  1. Unlock the Bootloader and Root the Mi A1
  2. Download the Font Fix or iFont app via Play Store
  3. Once installed, open the app and grant root access
  4. Choose any one of the availabe font style option and click apply
  5. The new font will be applied in your device
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The shift of Xiaomi device from heavily customized MiUI skinned Android to a pure stock Android directly sourced from Google, in deed, grabbed mixed reviews. The extreme MiUI enthusiasts criticized the stock Android due to its limitation in customization options. On the other side, some folks acclaimed the fast and reliability of untouched Android OS in Mi A1.

However, rooting re-opens the way of customizations just like how we changed the font. Hopes you’d have liked our method and your views are whole-heartedly accepted in the comment section below.


Font Fix: Play Store

iFont: Play Store


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