The extremely wide array of options and customizations of Android is one of the many things that makes it great. From custom ROM’s, themes, and the ever popular home launchers. What we have here is a teaser video of the new and upcoming ROU UI Launcher for Android, it looks extremely polished and impressive. While currently still under development, it is coming soon and I can’t wait to check this out when finally released.

ROU Launcher is still under heavy development and is in the pre-alpha stages but hopefully we get a beta release sometime soon so we can give it a spin and check it out. After watching the teaser video (below) this looks to be extremely impressive and could give many popular launchers a run for their money. TeamROU can be followed on Twitter by clicking here, and they expect it to be fully ready by the end of the year. I’m hoping a beta APK gets released before that because this truly looks very nice.
ROU Launcher video

Are you ready for a brand new experience? That is the question they start the awesome video off with, then continue to show everyone why we should be both ready and excited for the new experience they have in store. We should be able to get all the details right from Twitter and they plan to have their own website up shortly. For now feel free to follow along at the XDA development thread for the latest news.
[via XDA Developers]


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