Rumor: Nexus tablet Could be Priced Between $149 and $199


Google branded 7-in Nexus tablet to be produced by Asus is expected to retail at a lower price point than the earlier reported $199 to $249, according to Android and Me. To bring the price down, Asus may be opting for a dual-core chip instead of the Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3. The OMAP 4 from Texas Instruments looks to be the front-runner to power the Nexus tablet. That makes sense, as Android is already primed for OMAP support, given that Google worked with TI on the Galaxy Nexus smartphone, which also uses an OMAP chip.

Other than that, the rest of the device is up for speculation, but it is said to be making an appearance at the CTIA Wireless show on May 8-10 or at Google I/O. Since it is a few months away, I guess there’s nothing we can do for now but sit and wait.

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