Earlier, multitude of rumors have emerged revolving around the name of HMD’s upcoming 2018 flagship, Nokia 10. Courtesy to a leak that have budded just now sheds the light to another HMD flagship dubbed as Nokia 8 Pro. Apparantly, the supposed flagship could be an improved version of the Nokia 8 with upgraded SoC. It’s expected have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform at its heart.

Meanwhile, the source behind this leak thinks that the Nokia 10, which we’ve heard of it several times before in rumors and leaks, could actually be the Nokia 8 Pro itself. That is, one of this year’s HMD flagship will be marketed as Nokia 8 Pro and not the Nokia 10. However, that’s all just a hit or miss predictions and can end up entirely different once the Nokia flagships are really out.

As earlier mentioned, the Nokia 8 Pro will feature hardwares better than its predecessor. Camera that the device boards is rumored to be a massive one with five lenses, termed as Penta-Lens camera. Though a bummer to some extreme loyal Nokia fans, the fingerprint sensor will be below the camera module on the back itself.

Moreover, the source has added that the Nokia 8 Pro might be set for launch around Q3 this year. In fact, it seems HMD has got multiple flagships in its arsenal that are to be unveiled later this year.



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