Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 May Appear at MWC

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 may Appear at MWC. Samsung’s developer day invitation for Mobile World Congress has leaked the existence of a Galaxy Note 10.1, suggesting that the Korean tech giant has a stylus-friendly tablet with a 10.1in screen ready to rear its head at MWC in Barcelona.

What’s curious to me is not that Samsung is going to launch a full-sized tablet that works with an S-Pen, it’s that it can’t just make its current suite of many-sized tablets just work with the S-Pen. Samsung’s already got a 10.1-inch tablet, so unless the Note 10.1 takes a massive jump in specs—which it should, since the href=”” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″>Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been around for a year now—this seems silly.


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