Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S7 Release Date Reportedly Confirmed By China Mobile


In latest leak, we have got some quite useful information. China Mobile at an event, revealed the expected price, date of launch of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7.

galaxy s7 china mobile

It is also quoted that “edge” variant will also launch at same time in China. Further, on the same day it will be made available in Global market also.

China Mobile’s leaked roadmap also gives us a hint or two about the price of the device: apparently, it will be priced above 3000 Yuans, which exchange for more than ~$469. Well, that’s not surprising, as the Galaxy S7 will be a top-end device; we actually expect it to cost a bit more – rumors say Samsung will put a 650-dollar price tag on the most basic version of the phone.

Additionally, Samsung Galaxy S7 will have pressure touch display, a 5.2-inch, Super AMOLED display, with a Snapdragon 820 or an Exynos 8890.

More details are yet to be revealed.

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