I have a feeling a ton of you won’t like this one. Apparently Droid-Life has heard it from multiple independent sources within a short time frame that the Galaxy Nexus has been delayed. We also received one light report of this earlier this morning but decided not to report on it.

Although Verizon never gave a release date to look forward to, all sources and signs pretty much pointed to this Friday, December 9th. I know it’s hard to grasp that they may have delayed this phone even further than they should have considering how soon the rest of the world got it.
We’re not sure what might have triggered them to delay the device if this rumor is indeed true. At this point we’re not sure what to believe anymore. My advice? Don’t get too happy over ANY positive rumors – stick to official press releases with official information and no one will get hurt (emotionally or physically).
[Update]: And apparently the equipment manager page that said 12/9 yesterday is now saying “launch date is coming soon.” Oh well.


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