The year 2017 is just going to end and the new year is making vibes with new beginnings. Many new things and devices are waiting for launch in 2018. Similarly, the processors like Snapdragon 845 and the others from MediaTek are getting prepped for the launch in 2018. Now, it’s a mystery to know which devices are coming to these big processors.

devices list

To ease out, we have got a list of devices that would run on the Snapdragon 845 in the coming year. The list is engraved with devices which are speculated to carry the SD845. Few devices are surprising to be in the list like Moto Z 2019 and couple of others.

Particularly, the list includes, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ which is going to unveil next year with Qualcomm chip on board. The next up is the LG G7 which is slated with SD845 in March. The others Xiaomi Mi 7, HTC U12, Nubia Z18, Xperia XZ Pro-A, Galaxy Note 9 and LG V40. It also includes Google’s Pixel 3 and Nubia Z18S.

The devices slated for launch in the second half of the year are also on the list. It packs Moto Z 2019, OnePlus 6T, Samsung W2019 and Xiaomi Mi 7.

Well, from the list it seems, lots of goodies are planned for 2018. Many other surprises will also make their debuts in the net year.


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