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As we all know Samsung building a processor based on 7-Nm process. On September 5th, Samsung has accomplished the 7-Nm foundry process using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) equipment. The 7-Nm can be measured as one billionth of one meter. So, we can know how small the 7-Nm is and how difficult it would be to develop the processor out of it.

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Samsung chipset business aims to best the Taiwan’t TSMC in terms of 7-Nm process. Samsung has accomplished the 7-Nm process but TSMC aims to build it by next year. In the long term, Samsung will surely overtake the TSMC. Currently, TSMC is on the top in number of sales as it caters to the QUalcomm and various other giants.

We expect to achieve solid growth in sales and take second place in the foundry business this year,” said a representative of Samsung Electronics 

Samsung Electronics 7-NM process based chips will be 40% smaller than the 10-nm process. While the performance of the 7-Nm process will be 10% more and will have 35% more power efficiency. Samsung is all set to bring the Snapdragon 855 using the 7nm process as it has the production deal with the Qualcomm.

 “A seven-nm process enables mobile device manufacturers to load mobile devices with larger batteries or implement slim design,” a Samsung Electronics official said.

Samsung has started publishing the 7nm process via different advertisements. They are going to bring the Snapdragon 855 by the end of this year. Also, for the debut it will be powered with the Galaxy S9. Qualcomm has been rumored to make it public in the month of November, before the end of this year. They are speeding up the process of launch.

SO, we hope that Snapdragon 855 with 7nm process arrives soon.


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