In a latest, Samsung has partially confirmed the upcoming Action Memo on Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has confirmed it via a reply they have made to a user asking for the Smasung Action Memo disappearance from the Note 7.



Samsung Action Memo is available on Galaxy Note 6 and its predecessors. Samsung has pulled the Action Memo from Galaxy Note 7 and instead they have introduced new notes application. Many users are not finding it better than Action Memo. This has lead to widespread low rating of the Notes App on the Play Store.

There are many comments that are asking for the Action Memo App and in a reply to similar comment, Samsung has confirmed the Action Launcher Arrival by late next month.

You can have a look at snapshot above to know aht actually Samsung has replied. Also, you can see some negative comments over the slashing of Memo app from the Note 7.How many of you’re missing Action Memo App?


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