Samsung And LG Reveals New Battery Technology For Wearables


Today, at an exhibition in Seoul, Samsung and LG both have revealed their respective battery technologies for future wearables. These days users are experienced battery backup glitches on smartwatches and we hope this technologies from both the companies will cure the need of better battery backup.

lg wire battery

Samsung showed two types of batteries, a stripe and a band. The stripe battery is just 0.3mm thin and is built from a flexible fibre that enables the cell to bend. Samsung also has a band-type batter is designed to be used in smartwatches and is proven to resist over 50,000 bendings and enhance a gadget’s capacity by up to 50 percent.

LG Chem also put on display a wristband-type battery called “wire battery” that can be folded into half. The company developed a wire-type battery in 2013 for the first time in the world, before it came up with the world’s first hexagonal-shape battery in June.

So we have to wait for sometime before we can see these technologies in daily use wearable.

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