Choi Gee Sung, the CEO of Samsung, has declared that the company will never think about buying the WebOS platform that was recently scrapped by HP. He said that instead of considering a move to buy the beleaguered OS, the company is planning to pursue another strategy. The Samsung head said this when he took the stage at the IFA show held this week in Berlin, adding that the South Asian electronics giant is working very hard behind the scenes in developing its own Bada mobile OS.

Samsung has had a remarkable run in the smartphone market during the last couple of years, after it released a number of very successful devices based on Google’s Android platform. However, Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola has had people reconsidering the future of the Android landscape with many of the other Android based manufacturers thinking about deploying its alternatives, which led to the speculations that the purchase of HP’s WebOS platform might help Samsung maintain its pace in the smartphone market.

However, even as Samsung attained new heights with its growing lineup of the Galaxy series based on Android, this recent announcement from its CEO means that it isn’t looking for potential replacements for the Android platform; instead, it’s considering concentrating more in its own Bada mobile platform which was chosen for its new line of the Wave smartphones.

Samsung hasn’t yet announced the expected release date or pricing for the new devices; however, it is reported to have been looking to offer the developers of mobile apps with an all new full software development kit for the Bada OS in near future.

These recent statements have also led to speculations that the renewed focus of Samsung on its own mobile platform could help the company avoid a number of its ongoing legal battles with Apple which are being fought out in courts in as many as three different continents. The company based in Cupertino California has also filed lawsuits against Samsung’s Galaxy devices across the world, thus focusing on a non-Android OS might give Samsung some respite from this legal onslaught.

There are also other reasons why Samsung could gain from a move away from Android, for an instance its fellow rival in Android based phones, HTC, has already called time on the Google OS, announcing new phones based on Microsoft’s Windows Phone Mango.


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