With the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, Samsung has introduced the AR Emoji functionality inbuilt for them. The app is great and works in a similar way to that of the Apple Emoji. In case you guys don’t know this app helps you to create a cartoon avatar of yourself. That cartoon even mimics your movements and expressions. This time there is a good news for all the users who are using these AR Emoji. Samsung is all ready to bring a new update to the app which will open the doors for further customization. So let’s check out more about it.

The app works by tracking your facial data but often it ignores a lot of things due to which that AR Emoji doesn’t look like your clone. As revealed by Samsung with this update they have refined the facial tracking functionality with a 65 percent increase in the landmark detector points. It basically results in better facial tracking. The update also brings a considerable increase in the frame rates due to which the AR Emoji looks more natural and seamless.

Now the most important feature introduced with this update is customization. Suppose you are not satisfied with the result your Samsung device has developed then there is nothing to bother. Now you have the ability to separately customize the hairs, ears, nose, lips, cheeks, etc which simply gives you more liberty. You can even adjust the shape of your Emoji’s face so that it will look more like you. Altogether a user can do a complete touchup as per his/her demands. For more Android news stay tuned to us.


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