Samsung Browser now compatible with all Android devices


Samsung Browser has just received an update and it has made it available for all ANdroid devices. Now, users who are using Android 5.0 + devices can easily install it from the Play Store and can enjoy the Samsung Browser. earlier, the same app was limited to only Smasung devices and was not available for any other device.

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If we talk about couple of years ago scenario, then Samsung Browser was only available via a flashable zip. Usually, it was phone app and can’t be uninstalled from phone or used by any other device. If anyone wants to install it on his/her Samsung phone then it should be flashed via recovery.

Now, the things have changed and most of the manufacturers make their native apps available on the Play Store. It allows them to update the existing functionality of the app without giving the System update. Further, it also allow users to install, uninstall or update the app on their will.

We welcome this move by Smasung, as it would make the Browser app available to every user on Android Ecosystem.

Samsung Browser as an app packs many needed features like Dark Mode, Tabs functionality. It also gives you option to customise your default search engine. You can do many other things on the Samsung Internet Browser. Any one who want to download it, can do so by hitting source link below.

Download: Play Store



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