Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 will likely come with a back cover accessory buyers are more likely to need. But the cases will not come bundled in regions like the United States, Europe, and Russia. However, South Koreans will be getting the accessory first. And depending on how people like it, we might see it in other countries too.

Galaxy Note 8

The news comes from a Korean media outlet, stating that it will be the first time Samsung is adding a back cover to the deal. The case is made up of transparent plastic and should protect those delicate curves and smudgy back. Samsung is said to have already ordered 10 million cases which are being made by manufacturers in Korea.

When bought separately, the case costs around $17 – $27. It is understandable to feature a case in the package as the Galaxy Note 8. As it would be prone to scratches and accidental drops. Although the plastic cover might take away the beauty of the curves and some might resist that but being safe is always better than being sorry.

Source: ETNews


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