Samsung software update policy, basically entitle its devices to get feature updates for a period of two years and security updates for three years. However, it need not be the case for every Samsung devices in the South-Korean line-up, especially the mid and low end handsets. Similarly, it seems Samsung has ended the life-cycle of three devices from its 2016 budget line-up. The 2016 iterations of Galaxy A3, J1 and J3 are those unlucky handsets being abandoned by Samsung software support team.

Just recently, Samsung updated the Android security updates page to remove the above three devices from the security updates list. But at the same time added new devices such as 2018 model of Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+. The former is included under those devices eligible for receiving monthly security updates. Whereas its larger sibling, the A8+ is, vaguely enough, placed under quarterly security update list of eligible devices.

Going by the policy of giving at least three years of security updates. Unarguably, the cease of software updates for the Galaxy A3, J1 and J2, in deed, has come much earlier than the expected date. Among the three device users, the users of the Galaxy J1 and J2 ought to be more disappointed given that the devices haven’t received even a single major update so far and probably never.

It goes without saying that, the devices will be hack-prone and vulnerable to attacks. Hence, curious about the status of your Samsung device in the renewed list? You may visit the source link given below.


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