Amid much advancement in the smartphone industry over the past decades. It’s just the battery field that didn’t has seen any tremendous growth ever since the first mobile phone came to the light of day. Then and now, the same Li-ion technology is employed to power the most of devices. But it seems, the Global smartphone leader Samsung has developed a new battery standard that supposedly enhances the capability of current Li-ion batteries.

Goodbye to Graphite, Say Hi to Graphene!

Samsung makes use of Graphene balls instead of the traditional Graphite layer to acheive more power efficiency and durability in Li-ion cells. In a statement to Nature Communication Samsung Electronics stated, it has developed battery technology that utilizes graphene to expand capacity and speed the charging process by upwards of five times existing standards.

Graphene Balls Electronic Band Diagram

Moreover, the company added that, the batteries applied with “graphene balls” will take just 12 minutes to be fully charged. And, a whopping 45 percent higher capacity with smaller size than compared to the existing cells.

With the Graphene material in action, Samsung is also patching the temperature limitation of Li-ion cells to an extent. The firm believes that, the Graphene can provide stability up to 60 degrees Celsius. As its result, the new batteries is also suitable for electric automobiles, where the batteries are subjected to high temperature.

The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology(SAIT) has applied for patent for this new discovery. Hence, it’d take longer than we expect to see a Samsung device to be powered by the new technology.



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