Samsung Continuum-specific Reboot/Recovery Hack

It appears that the odd phone extraordinare, aka the Samsung Continuum, is finally starting to see some hack press. This is the phone yours truly has been using as a sort of mid-tier test-all device for the past couple months, so you know we’re pumped up about this one. The following is a flashable app that turns your Continuum’s power button into an options master, allowing you new options including Reboot and Recovery when its long-held down. Before all you could do was silence, airplane, or shut it down.

This is a mod that isn’t entirely perfected yet, and the developer, who oddly enough doesn’t even own a Samsung Continuum, asks for your help in crunching the bugs. Certainly a simple app that’s so helpful as this one must be brought to full fruition, and you’ve gotta help! The third option you get is to reboot into download mode – you know how helpful that’d be, how very very cool?! Have a look at everything you’ll need to get this running over at XDA Forums.
Then let me ask you a question – how many of you use or have ever held a Samsung Continuum? Since this phone was released, we’ve seen approximately ZERO out in the wild besides our own. Every time we show it off, people are amazed at its wild second screen – are you?
reboot-continuum continuum


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