The UK Galaxy Nexus launch hasn’t gone quite to Google’s plan. Not only did exclusive retail partner Phones 4U accidentally sell a developer prototype in place of a consumer handset to the very first buyer, but now it seems Samsung has managed to share the contact details of the first 100 early-adopters with each other.

“Congratulations on being one of the world’s first owners of the Galaxy Nexus! You’ll receive your codes and redemption instructions within 14 days of purchase. And as a bonus gift, we’ll be sending you a £100 bonusbond gift voucher, which is redeemable at over 25,000 places in the UK. To receive your bonusbond gift voucher (also within 14 days of purchase), please reply to this email with your full postal address no later than Tuesday 29th November, 2011. Full terms and conditions to follow” Samsung UK email

The manufacturer ran a £250 media giveaway for the first 100 Galaxy Nexus buyers, and followed up today via email. Unfortunately, whoever is manning Samsung’s email made the rookie mistake of using the “CC” rather than “BCC” box, thus sharing all 100 email addresses with the group as a whole.
Of course, we imagine Google is too busy working on a volume bug fix to spend time scolding Samsung, so hopefully the early owners will treat the email blunder as a way to make new friends rather than as a great source of spam targets. As our tipster – who wanted to remain anonymous – said, “it’s a good thing we 100 Nexus buyers are good people…”
[Thanks anonymous tipster!]


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