Galaxy Note 7

Last year Samsung introduced Galaxy Note 7 as its flagship Note device which initially proved to be a big game changer for the company. However, the company soon ran into trouble when its batteries started exploding just a few days after it was officially released. Unfortunately, Samsung had to terminate the Note 7 production and call off the existing devices. The Note 7 debacle proved to be a big financial and reputational catastrophe for the company.

galaxy note 7 availability

Recently, Samsung launched refurbished version of the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea and few other markets. However, Samsung must be left with thousands of Galaxy Note 7 devices in its stock.

The company has now decided to recycle the recalled Note 7 handsets. The process is expected to recover 157 tons in minerals including gold, silver, copper and cobalt. However, some parts including OLED displays, memory chips and camera modules will be reused in the production of other Samsung smartphones.

According to the company, “Samsung Electronics will continue to expand its eco-friendly method of collecting and processing old products as well as new products, and plan to actively lead the industry in terms of environmental protection and resource recycling.”

Source: Samsung Newsroom


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