Samsung Exynos 9820 is speculated to be the next edition of flagship Exynos chipset from Samsung. It’s quite obvious that the Samsung’s 10th anniversary product – Galaxy S10 ought to be powered by the same SoC. Similar to the Galaxy S10, the Exynos 9810 chipset has been a main ingredient in the rumor-mill all these while. A previous report from IceUniverse hinted Mali-G76 MP18 GPU as the embedded visual processing engine on the SoC.

Now, IceUniverse is again live with a new info regarding the Exynos 9820. According to him the next-gen Exynos SoC will be fabricated based on ARM’s new DynamIQ architecture. As some of you might know, most of the current chipsets are fabricated using ARM’s popular and renowned big.LITTLE architecture. However, ARM’s next generation architecture is called DynamIQ and is specially designed for improved AI applications by boosting multi-core integration and acceleration.

Morever, he has specified the cores implementation in Exynos 9820. The chipset will be arranged in 2+2+4 DynamIQ architecture. With 2xExynos M4 as the big high-performance core, 2xCortex-A75 (or A76) the medium core for AI applications, and 4xCortex A55 the small low-performance core for handling light-weight tasks. Overall, we can expect the SoC to be an absolute ripper in terms of performance and warm-hearted when it comes to power utilization.

Samsung powers its most of the devices using its own in-house Exynos chipset. The Exynos chipsets are powerful, efficient and reliable such that it goes toe to toe with the popular Qualcomm Mobile Platform counterparts. With the new DynamIQ architecture and the Samsung’s prowess in semi-conductor industry it’s to be seen how the Exynos 9820 make the firm an invincible tech-mammoth. Don’t forget that Samsung has dethroned Intel from its long held reign to become the world’s biggest chipmaker just recently!


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