Samsung files a patent for expandable display on smartphones


The once concept product does become a regular consumer product in near future. The proof is right here amidst us – bezel-less smartphones and under display fingerprint sensor. Followed by that we have fordable displays which have been showcased by many tech giants like Samsung, LG,¬†and Lenovo. But still, they didn’t come to fruition as an end consumer product. Now, among all these, Samsung Display files a new patent for an expandable display.

Image Source: Patently Mobile

As you can see from the above image, the end product will look like a regular smartphone. It will have two movable rails on either side of the display. Pulling those rails will expand the display and thus users will able to enjoy a widescreen experience. Thus, the smartphone can be turned into a tablet for an immersive media experience.

To be honest, this concept and patent look like a gimmick as of now. But, that was also the case with bezel-less displays and under screen fingerprint sensor a few years back. So, only time will tell whether such a product will go into production for end consumers. Until then, express your thoughts on this expandable display patent by Samsung Display in the comment section below.