Samsung, the world’s largest OLED supplier is also a brilliant smartphone display manufacturer. The dual curved edge display technology that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge flaunted for the first time was indeed a breakthrough. Then onwards, the design was prominent in all the Samsung’s flagships. Now it seems, the South-Korean giant wants to push the boundary even further by designing an extremely curved screen that extends till all the way to backside of devices.

Courtesy to a patent filed by Samsung at WIPO(World International Property Office), we came to know the firms plan of 180° curved display development. On the patent filing, Samsung has illustrated the process of manufacturing the newly designed display as well. Moreover, various schematic diagrams provides a clear idea of what here Samsung is trying to achieve.

Nevertheless, whether the new design will be adopted in any of the upcoming Galaxy device is a great uncertainty. Since Samsung frequently applies for new patents each and every day, while most of them never see the daylight. However, Samsung seems to be sincere in this new approach. As it has claimed that, the 180˚ curved display offers a completely new user experience and improves the grip on the device.

Meanwhile, we’d came across lots of rumors and anticipations regarding the foldable phone dubbed as Galaxy X. If everything ends well we could see the device’s launch soon rather than later.


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