samsung foldable

After many years of rumors. Samsung is finally set to announce its foldable device. The news is breaking from not any third party source, Samsung’s internal CEO has confirmed the foldable device. Samsung was waiting for reasons to make the foldable device. It seems they have got the reasons after the recent survey which asked consumers whether they want foldable smartphone or not? Samsung Foldable device is all set for launch this year.

samsung foldable

Earlier, it was rumored that Samsung is preparing for the launch of the foldable smartphone next year. But, due to production schedule of flexible OLEDs the date has been changed to this year. Samsung foldable will not only the device which will feature foldable display. Even, Huawei, Lenovo is also preparing the flexible device and they also ought to launch the device this year.

Now, let’s see who launches the foldable smartphone first. In an interview,¬†Samsung’s mobile division CEO, Koh confirmed the company is looking to introduce its first foldable Galaxy as early as this year. Koh also uncovered few more details such as all the announcement is set for Samsung Developer Conference 2018. So let’s wait until November 7-8 in San Francisco.

Koh highlighted that the foldable device will have its own USP features which will make the potential buyers to buy it.¬† Let’s see how Smasung FOldable device comes into the market and with what specs. Well, what are you guys looking for in the device ?


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