Samsung Galaxy Ace gets Gingerbread update

Tweet and Sam’s Firmware have leaked a Gingerbread ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Ace. The update, which Samsung is developing is for theS5830. It was leaked to commemorate the one year anniversary of Sam’s Android partnership with TSAR3000. But as always, these early beta leaks aren’t perfect and users are advised they take their phones into their own hands when tasking it.

Several forum users are reporting that the update on the Ace is definitely faster, but it does have WiFi connectivity issues that need to be worked out. But most users haven’t run into any problems whatsoever. And the good news is that graphics performance improves.
As always, you’re likely voiding any warranty you have left by flashing your ROM. And users are advised to unroot their phones and backup their data before attempting. Some users advise also using SuperOneClick v. 1.6.5 to root before installing. And there’s an informative tutorial on how to flash and root the Ace on XDA Forums. Also, one user reported bricking his phone when fiddling with the ROM manager. So following directions to the letter.


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