Samsung Galaxy F Photo Caught, Have A Look


Here’s one more leak in the name of Samsung Galaxy F and this time we have got some look from the top of the phone. After many renders, alleged live picture we have got another picture showing of the metal curve of the Samsung Galaxy F.

galaxy f

According to the source, the Galaxy F shares a similar build to the Galaxy S5, with a removable plastic back, but with aluminium frame that shares a resemblance to Apple’s iPhone design. As per the rumors it states that it will include a QHD display and an even more powerful Snapdragon 805 chipset backed up with 3GB of RAM.

As you can see the frame is quite similar to the iPhone 5/5s one, while the front looks the same as the Galaxy S5.

It seems that lot more is packed in the Galaxy F and Samsung is going to unveil it soon. We are edging toward official launch.


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