Samsung Galaxy high end devices with hefty Black Friday discounts


Black Friday is near, so are we can see new deals on electronic products. So if you are planning to buy new device be it smartphone, headphones etc it is the best time. And the discount on unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8. So if you have been planning to buy this high end device it is the correct time.

Some of the retailers in the US are selling these devices with a discount upto $150. And well the best part is that the deal is without any 24 monthly payment plan or any other must take offer.

So yes, so big discount on these devices is once in a year offer. Now, after the discount of $150 the device will be available at a rate of $574.99. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ will be available for $674.99 and Note 8 for $799.99. All these devices with heft discounts are unlocked versions. And the best part is you can use on all major carriers. Be it Verizon, at&t etc.

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ $150 off links:

Galaxy Note 8 $150 off links:

Above we have shared the links as well. So you don’t need to even go to the retailer to purchase the device. You can even purchase it online.


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