Oh my goodness gracious, how has this not come to fruition before? Of course there have been collaborations and promotions between smartphones and rappers before, but never in such an oddly cool way as this. The following is a project launched by metroPCS, Samsung Mobile, Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Dogggg as you’re about to see,) Warren G, model Brittany Dailey, AND Ted Williams – the man with the Golden Voice. Recognize everyone from that list? Good. They’re about to sell you a Samsung Galaxy Indulge, “the world’s first commercially available 4G LTE Android smartphone.”

Let us give you a list of all of the roots of this project, because they are numerous, and even though the first ad spot is odd enough to get your attention regardless of these references, we want you to be so well informed that you just get it:
First, there’s the man with the golden voice, Ted Williams. Have a look at his story over here: [CNN report] – in a nutshell, this man was homeless a few months ago and is now working with several companies that are paying him big bucks for his amazing voice. Next, there’s Warren G, stepbrother of legendary rapper/record producer Dr Dre and original partner of Snoop Dogg. His song Regulate is the origin of the “Regulators, mount up” comment in the video you’re about to see. Then of course there’s Snoop Dogg whose current type logo has been transformed in this project to include a couple extra G’s at the end to show how fast metroPCS is on their new Samsung Galaxy Indulge. Snoop has a new album/documentary coming out in 33 days (it’s called Doggumentary, if you’re interested,) thus this collaboration makes perfect sense. Not that making a video of this caliber doesn’t make perfect sense already given Snoop’s 2007 hit Sexual Seduction which features an extremely similar video treatment. ALSO check out this metroPCS rap mixtape that came out a few weeks ago and tell me you didn’t see this coming.
Take a peek at the first big video from this metroPCS / Samsung Galaxy Indulge / Snoop / G / Williams / Dailey collaboration project here:

Does it all make sense yet?
How about when you find out that there’s also an “Indulge with Snoop Dogggg” sweepstakes? You’ve gotta head out to your local metroPCS store and enter this contest by signing a slip of paper. If you win, you get a VIP trip for two to a Snoop concert this summer – this includes airfare and incidentals for two, front-row tickets, backstage passes, and two Samsung Galaxy Indulge phones with metroPCS 4G LTE service. Sounds fine, real fine. Check out the full press release below:
NOTE more G-Connection dating show videos will be released throughout the day today (and we assume in the near future,) so stay tuned!
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Superstar adds more Gs to his name to help introduce the Samsung Galaxy Indulge, the world’s first commercially available 4G LTE Android smartphone, available exclusively from MetroPCS

DALLAS, February 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Snoop Dogggg has doubled down on his G’s through his new collaboration with MetroPCS to introduce the new Samsung Galaxy Indulge™, the world’s first commercially available 4G LTE Android™ smartphone offered only with 4GLTE service from MetroPCS.
“It feels good to be working with MetroPCS and Samsung for the launch of the Galaxy Indulge. I’m stepping it up to 4G’s so my phone can keep up with my demanding, always-connected lifestyle,” said Snoop Dogggg.
Fortunately, any consumer can indulge in the 4G lifestyle like Snoop Dogggg because MetroPCS offers 4GLTE smartphone service plans at about half the cost of other carriers’ 4G smartphone service plans today. With $50 and $60 plans, including all applicable taxes and regulatory fees, MetroPCS delivers unmatched value with unlimited talk, text and 4GLTE Web page browsing, along with data access to streaming audio, video and gaming content, downloads and Android applications on the Galaxy Indulge.
“Indulge With Snoop Dogggg” Sweepstakes
The superstar’s fans can win a rare chance to meet Snoop Dogggg up close and personal by entering the “Indulge with Snoop Dogggg” sweepstakes exclusively at any MetroPCS retail store through March 31 (no purchase necessary to win). One winner will walk away with a VIP trip for two to a Snoop concert this summer, including airfare and incidentals, front-row tickets and backstage passes, as well as two Samsung Galaxy Indulge smartphones with MetroPCS 4GLTE service. More details are available at http://www.metropcs.com/snoop-dogggg-vip-rules.

Video Series
The collaboration also features Snoop Dogggg starring as several characters in the online video series called “The G-Connection,” which is based on popular dating game shows from past decades. The videos also feature rapper and producer Warren G, model Brittany Dailey, and the man with the “Golden Voice,” Internet sensation Ted Williams. The videos were directed by Estevan Oriol, partner at SA Studios. The first of three episodes premieres today at www.youtube.com/MetroPCS.

Additional Chances to Win
In addition, MetroPCS and Samsung are offering more chances to win autographed Snoop Dogggg gear, Samsung Galaxy Indulge smartphones and MetroPCS 4GLTE service on MetroPCS’ Facebook page at www.facebook.com/metropcs (no purchase necessary to win). MetroPCS is also offering prizes through giveaways in many of its home metropolitan area markets, including signed “The Doggumentary” CD’s (in stores March 29th).

“We are very excited about teaming up with Snoop Dogggg to show consumers that they can have it all with MetroPCS 4GLTE services and the vast possibilities of the Samsung Galaxy Indulge Android smartphone,” said Phil Terry, senior vice president, corporate marketing, MetroPCS. “Snoop is a great match for our brand and appeals to all of our customers, who want the latest high-end Android smartphones with 4G services at the best value.”
About the Samsung Galaxy Indulge
Powered by the Android version 2.2 (Froyo) operating system (OS), the Galaxy Indulge delivers quick access to more than 200,000 applications from the Android Market™ and complete access to Google Mobile Services, as well as a combination touch screen/QWERTY keyboard, 3 megapixel camera and camcorder with auto-focus, music player, Stereo Bluetooth® capabilities and expandable memory storage up to 32GB. The Samsung Galaxy Indulge costs $399, plus tax, and is available at all MetroPCS stores and online at www.metropcs.com.


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