samsung galaxy j5 2016 official render
Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime 2016

Two major updates for budget devices are somewhat rarity, especially when it comes to Samsung. Nonetheless, the Korean-Giant has a tradition of giving unprecedented surprises to the users in one or another way. Similarly, it seems, a big surprise is on the way for the users of Galaxy J5 Prime and Galaxy J7 Prime.

As per the Samsung Turkey updated Oreo roadmap, the Android Oreo 8.0 updates for the J5 and J7 Prime devices have entered into testing phase. Note that that the status is Testing and not Planned which means the update is confirmed to hit the 2016 siblings. If that’s the case, then these budget devices are among rarest of the rarest to be blessed with two major upgrades form Samsung.

Moreover, judging by the ETA’s given on the website – the smaller sibling, Galaxy J5 Prime could get it by the end of September this year. While, the users of J7 Prime should have to wait a little more till the mid-November.

Another budget device that have grabbed the place on the list is the J7 Core. The 2017 device comes with Android Nougat 7.0 pre-installed and a major upgrade is a necessity. So we’re not surprised to see it over there.

Samsung Member’s Oreo Roadmap Has Different Story To Tell

Meanwhile, Samsung has published an updated roadmap on the Samsung Member app. Interestingly, the aforementioned devices were no where to be seen on the list, but J7 2016. Adding up the surprise, the 2016 models of 0n5 and On7 too where present on the list. Have a look at the roadmap posted by Samsung over at Samsung Members.

Quite interesting isn’t it? Although Samsung is taking more than usual time to roll-out the not-anymore latest Android version, it’s quite welcoming to see that the firm has richer plans for handful of budget devices in its line-up. Moreover, Samsung in deed has been more or less generous towards its budget devices during the period of Nougat roll-out as well.

If Samsung continue the on-going strategy, that is including more and more devices under the major update roadmap. Apparently, Samsung folks won’t be much dejected even if the firm takes a little more time for the update to roll-out.

So, what you’ve to say regarding the current update regime of Samsung. Do you feel the Korean-Giant is far behind and stingy when it comes to the roll-out of major updates? We don’t think so, at least by seeing the roadmap!


  1. Mm, lucky that Samsung has tons of Exynos 7870 devices in 2018 as well. As its result, the J7 Prime can even get Android Pie unofficial SE Port, if not officially from Samsung:).


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