Who knew the Samsung Galaxy Nexus featured a multicolored notification LED hidden on the bottom chin area? We mentioned this feature back in October before the big unveiling of the Galaxy Nexus but it seems many still don’t know about it. Most hands-on coverage doesn’t mention it either so we figured a little video preview showing you what to expect would be worth a quick 25-30 second glance.

Shown in the image above is the completely hidden multicolored notification LED that is present on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It resides where the capacitive buttons previously called home and is completely hidden until it lights up and notifies the world. The original G1 had one, and the Nexus One featured the same idea with a multicolored notification light in the Blackberry style direction cursor ball. Sadly that notification light never received its full potential from Google but third party apps and ROM’s like CyanogenMod made it completely customizable. I had blue for texts, green for emails, red for Gmail, cyan for twitter, and white for missed calls. A few early Android phones had this feature and I wish ALL still had it, but sadly they do not.
I’m happy to report that Google is bringing back the notification LED with the Galaxy Nexus, just like we mentioned above. Below we have a very short video demonstrating just how it works (Thanks anonymous). I’m sure it will be highly customizable from Google themselves in Ice Cream Sandwich — or from third party apps and ROM’s.
Galaxy Nexus Notification LED

If you look close you can see it at 13 seconds, and again around 22. It pulses for a second or so and appears to be a nice cyan blue color similar to everything else with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. If this truly is completely customizable I will be one very happy camper, why turn on and check your device for that pesky Twitter notification when a simple and low power LED light can tell you instead. I truly loved having this feature on my Nexus One and would love it if more phones came with a similar option.
I don’t know about you guys but I just want this phone already. Latest rumors are saying around November 17th, or maybe the 21st so we’ll just have to wait and see. Hurry it up Verizon!


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