A few days ago we showed you how to make your (rooted) phone look like Ice Cream Sandwich and today we are going to show you how to make your phone sound like Ice Cream Sandwich. P3Droid extracted the audio files from the Samsung Galaxy Nexus system dump and uploaded them for the world to download and enjoy. The sounds included in the zipped audio file include alarms, notifications, ringtones and UI. Getting your phone to recognize these files is as simple as following these steps. For best results, use Windows (Macs aren’t very good at merging folders).

  1. Extract the zip file (it should be automatically renamed “audio.” If not, rename the folder “audio.”)
  2. Place the “audio” folder in the “media” folder found on your device’s SD card. If there is no “media” file then create one.
  3. Choose ringtones and notifications from your device’s settings and the new Ice Cream Sandwich sounds should show up under their respective names.
  4. Enjoy!

The “ui” folder found in the audio file is a little more tricky to apply and is only for rooted users. You can apply the all new ui sounds (lock/unlock, audible selections, etc.) by replacing the “ui” folder located in the system folder on the root of your device (system > media > audio > ui).
P3Droid asked that we link to the original thread so we will honor his request. Just keep in mind that you will have to register for that site to download the audio zip. A hassle, I know but I’m sure someone will mirror the file in no time.
With the help of these sounds, ringtones and notifications, you can have your device smelling, sounding and tasting like the real thing. At least until we can officially get our hands on the Galaxy Nexus. Cheers!
[Download from MyDroidWorld]

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