The international variant of Samsung’s 5.7″ phablet, the Galaxy Note 3 has received an OTA update and this update has a lot for us. The update brings with it the Download Booster, Kids Mode and Know which made their debut on the Galaxy S5.


As of now, the update is only available for the unlocked UK variant of the Note 3 but update for other variants of the device are to follow soon. The update, which measures 185 MB takes the firmware number to N9005XXUFNF4. 


The Data Booster can prove to be a boon to those who wish for enhanced data transfer speeds. It does so by using the Wi-Fi connections and the cellular connections of your device at the same time. This however would not be suggested if you have limited data allowance.

The Kids mode can be quite useful if you have kids fiddling with your device all the time. This mode turns your regular UI into a colorful kid-friendly user interface that only allows access to some apps and features, thus giving you a tension-free time when your device is in the hands of a kid. The Kids mode however does not come installed with the update. It comes with an installer and you’ll have to install it.

The Knox is not something many would fancy but people who use their Note 3 in a working environment and know what Knox is, they have a reason to be happy. The Knox brings some features that protect you against attackers via dual APNs,Key Storage encryption keys management and monitoring processes that access the OS kernel.


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