Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Expected With USB-C Type Connector


Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is going to come our way this quarter. We have already heard a lot about the upcoming generation of phablet. They are housing 6 GB of RAM with Android N on Board and much more has been leaked.

This time, we have got to know that they are going to embed USB-C Type connector to the Galaxy Note 6. This is the new trend in the market of having a universal sizing, port on all the electronic gadgets, mainly, smartphones.

We have also received a rumor that states, Samsung would have to create a new Gear VR with a Type-C connectivity.

Well, we don’t have actual saying from any official.  As per the myths and logics, Samsung might not introduce USB-C Type. It’ll have the latest USB 3.1 standard or an older version. It would make sense for Samsung to support the USB 3.1 standard, as it also has that USB Power Delivery 2.0 technologies.



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