Samsung Galaxy Note8 front

Recently, smartphone manufacturers have started rolling out a new update to counter KRACK, a exploit in Wi-Fi’s WPA2 encryption system. KRACK is used by attackers to hack the device and steal sensitive information.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 front

And Samsung has started rolling out a new update, to fix this issue. It has sent a new software update to Note 8, which adds a secure Wi-Fi. This new VPN service is designed in such a way to not only give protection from KRACK but also from other Wi-Fi bugs.

Though there is a small catch related to this new Secure Wi-Fi that it will reduce the speed of the Wi-Fi connection. It will also affect the battery life and it will also not connect to devices on the same Wi-Fi network. And also might not work with apps, networks, and also websites with their own security policy.

In order to use the Secure Wi-Fi, users need to go to the settings menu. Click on the connections option and select Wi-Fi. Next you need to select the advanced settings and click the Secure Wi-Fi option.

But on the other hand, if you aren’t seeing this new option on your Galaxy Note 8. You don’t need to worry. It might be not available in your region.

For now Samsung is providing 250 MB of free Secure Wi-Fi data every month and has a set of plans.



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