Samsung Galaxy Note 8 record pre-orders in most of the countries


We all know that the most awaited Android Phablet Galaxy Note 8 is available for pre-order. The sentiment regarding the smartphone all over the world is very positive. Today, the company reported that, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has broken all the previous pre-order records of Galaxy Note is US. In India as well the people are very positive about the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 front

Though the price of the device is very high, but this hasn’t stopped Samsung Note followers from buying it. The cost of the Galaxy Note 8 is  around $930 more than its predecessor which was $850. This gives us an indication that S pen lovers could resist themselves away from this beauty irrespective of its cost.

When it comes to India the numbers are not only clear but also good. Reports say, 2,50,000 individuals have registered out of which 1,50,000 are on Amazon. The best part is that Samsung lovers won’t have to wait long for it in India. India will be getting the device faster than most other countries i.e. tomorrow.

Well, we will even share registration details from other countries. According to a report by MobileFun, in UK the orders for Galaxy Note 8 are 30% higher than the previous ones. There about 4,00,000 pre-orders in South Korea alone.

These numbers are overwhelming for Samsung as Note 8 has been considered a rebirth of the device.


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