So far there have been multitude of polarizing reports regarding the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Why not, as the Note 9 is the next massive flagship from the most popular OEM, and it deserve to be the hot talk of the town. Some coined a date early than the usual schedule, whereas the certain reports claimed a belated launch due to the sudden change in decision inside Samsung regarding the design.

Despite all those uncertainties, a new report is out to the wild probably spilling the exact date of the Galaxy Note 9 unveil. As per Bloomberg – which is a reliable source of information on Samsung devices, the phablet could be unveiled on August 9. Literally the date which is couple of weeks or so earlier compared to the Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked event that happened last year.

How far the information is correct, is something that we can’t say now. Since it’s Samsung, anything can happen at eleventh hour. Nevertheless, the chances of launch happening earlier than the Bloomberg claimed date is far unlikely. On the contrary, it may get shifted to a week or so later.

That said, let’s have a brief talk about what we so far know about the Galaxy Note 9. Obviously, the phablet is expected to be powered by Samsung’s in-house Exynos 9810 chipset globally. However, in markets such as the U.S. and China, the Snapdragon 845 variant will be put for sale. Earlier rumors suggested improvements on the existing so-called “reimagined cameras” and iris recognition. But, will be devoid of the much anticipated under-display fingerprint scanner.

In a nut shell, the Galaxy Note 9 would be more or less a refined product, blending the key design aspects and internals of both the Note 8 and the S9/S9+ all for good. Since, Samsung is focusing more on its 10th anniversary product, it should be wise not to desire too much on the Galaxy Note 9. Before leaving, have a look at the latest unofficial renders featuring Galaxy Note 9 in the flesh.


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