Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus announced with dual-core

South Korean company, Sasmung has launched the Galaxy Player 70 Plus. The new Galaxy Player 70 Plus brings dual core processor and a large 2500 mAh battery to this five inch PMP. Scheduled to go on sale soon in South Korea, 16GB version of 70 Plus will be priced at 399,000 won while the 32GB variant will go for 469,000 won. Although there’s no news just yet on whether the wider world will get to wrap their hands around that substantial 5-inch screen. Until there’s more to go on, you can attempt to decipher the Google-translated press release — it’s right after the break.

Other features of the PMP include 5 MP camera, dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM Radio, T-DMB, gyro sensor, microSD card slot and Gingerbread.

Press Release:

◇ 5.0 inch large screen, 1GHz dual-core processors operating environment provides a comfortable applying
◇ education in the area Wi-Fi, messaging, games, etc. using various functions

Samsung Electronics launched in March last year, ‘Galaxy player 70’ smart player that improves the performance of the new ‘Galaxy Player 70 Plus “will be released on the 5th.

‘Galaxy player 70 plus “with a 1GHz dual-core performance, upgrade the AP mount, and you can use two kinds of frequency bands supporting a dual-band Wi-Fi wireless internet access more convenient can.

In addition, students applying 5.0-inch large screen when viewing Internet lectures to clearly see the words on the blackboard, and Megastudy, Gangnam-gu · EBS lectures are also supported a variety of educational services. Gibontapjaedoen ‘diohdik dictionary’ and Samsung apps available for download at off the ‘Smart Edu’ there is an advantage.

Wi-Fi in the region ‘chaeton’, ‘kakaohtok’, etc. You can enjoy messaging services, including the gyro sensor tapjaedwae racing game you can enjoy more fine-grained operation.

In addition to the large 2500mAh battery, 5.0 megapixel camera, terrestrial DMB, external memory slot and the various support functions, 16GB/32B product’s selling price 399,000 won, respectively, is 469,000 won.

Samsung Electronics official said, “enhanced” 70 Plus Galaxy players’ emphasis on learning and messaging services to consumers that 10 is expected to gain popularity, “he said.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Player 70 Plus Backpack giveaway to celebrate the launch, product marketing, will conduct a variety of cheheomdan is a popular idol group Infinite Spiral TV commercials as a model will be unveiled later this month.

Source: Samsung


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