Samsung Galaxy S II 2000mAh Extended Battery Revealed

By Simran Singh -
As you may already know, the battery on the Samsung Galaxy S II, through some excellence in the hardware in the phone, awesomeness in the way the battery is connected to the device, or magic, is a totally awesome performer. The Samsung Galaxy S II lasts two full days according to Chris Davies original review. What you’re going to get here is a 2000 mAh battery and new battery cover so that you can replace your current 1650 mAh battery and get even MORE time out of your best-selling Android device. Mister xeq544 over at XDA has the first one we’ve seen, straight outta Euro.

Of course there’s also the 1650 mAh replacement battery and case as revealed a few weeks ago. But what the heck, everyone loves a big fat battery for their thinnest smartphone in the world to make it no longer the thinnest smartphone in the world – and what’s best? It’ll only cost you 23 Euro! That translates to something like $35 USD at the moment, not sure what the price is going to be once its released here in the states.
This package coming straight from Samsung means that this battery is completely factory approved, and it’s literally a bit thicker than the original battery, so you’ll need the extended battery cover – also, again, included in the package. Since this is an official Samsung package, the battery cover has the same texture as the original as well. This reminds me of the extended battery of the HTC ThunderBolt – fatness forever!
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