Yup, it looks like the Epic Touch 4G wont actually be the first Galaxy S II to officially land here in the U.S. because Alaska’s popular local network GCI beat everyone to the shipping yard. We are now seeing GCI offering the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G for only $99 dollars.

Apparently it is available now to buy in stores, as well as online over at GCI Wireless. We are even hearing reports a few northerners have actually already purchased and are enjoying the Galaxy S II superphone. The best part about this is GCI not only beat everyone to market but they are offering it for just $99 dollars, about $100 less than anyone else at the moment.

We don’t have a lot of details but most likely this is the same 1.2 GHz 4.3″ AMOLED powered model that we’ve seen across Europe and not the 4.5″ version that is headed to T-Mobile shortly. Looking at the CGI device list it looks like a stock SGSII with the 2 capacitive buttons and dedicated home button in the middle rather than 4 capacitive buttons. Either way this is exciting for those in Anchorage and other parts of Alaska off in the wilderness. Stop fishing for those king salmon and head down to CGI Wireless and get the new Galaxy S II.
[via Engadget]

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