Samsung Galaxy S III Rumored Pics All Around, One More Leaked


After Many Rumors, here is one more Rumor and this is possibly the Most Legit Samsung Galaxy S III Image Leak to Date. All this rumor is based on reddit. Secondly, see both the views of the phone. It’s white on grey in the face on view, and grey on white in the side view. There even appears to be a speaker on the bottom which would indicate the presence of possible stereo sound for all you audiophiles out there. And then, there’s also that very thin bezel flanking a possible HD Super AMOLED display packing at least 720p resolution or perhaps even more. We’re guessing that the screen size would be around 4.7-inches( may be 4.3 inch) but to be entirely honest we’re not sure if that thin bezel design is going to be practical.

What you Think Guys? When it would come?

Via: Reddit
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