Samsung lovers are already waiting for Samsung’s S10 device which is set to be launched next year. The 10th generation smartphone of Samsung Galaxy S series is set to have some major change in designs than it’s previous generations.

And according to some reports, we have also got the news that Samsung plans to launch the device a bit early. That means the device being available in January next year won’t be astonishing. The main reason is to cover up the losses it has incurred from Galaxy S9.

But now there has been a leak about the possible design of the smartphone. Though there isn’t any direct mention about S10. It has been code named as ‘beyond’. According to the leak now the device will have a new look. That means the top bezel has disappeared entirely. Also there has been a decrease in size of the bezel at the bottom.

As the size of the bezels has been reduced there are hardly any chances of visible sensors in the front. This means that the sensors could now be hidden in the display. The best example could be the in-display fingerprint sensor. Also the sound which will be emitted by display can be one new thing. So we can expect the new device to have many changes.

But still there can be a possibility that this could be a prototype of Galaxy S9+. Even if it is the prototype of Galaxy S10 there will be chances of many new changes coming up as 6 months are still there for it’s release.


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