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Samsung Galaxy S4 is ready to rock in the US as AT&T will start shipping it from tomorrow and soon it will land on other carriers like T-Mobile , Sprint and Verizon (pre orders are already up). Now news is coming that US retailer, RadioShack will  also introduce Galaxy S4 from April 27th. Radioshack has almost 5000 retail stores in the United States.

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Radioshack is also giving some added bonus, Galaxy S4′s accessories, further its giving customers a $10 off coupon when they make a purchase of $30 or more.  The retailer says that the offer comes with free lifetime technical support.

You can buy Galaxy S4 on contract from the radioshack as they have tied up with AT&T and Sprint for unlocked S4. Most of the carriers in the US are offering its 16 GB variant for $199 and $32 GB for $249. To know more about availability in US check out Galaxy S4 portal here.

If you have any old phone than you can opt for RadioShack’s Trade & Save program which will give you cash for old smartphones.



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