Looking at all the leaks its had in the past and the recent photos that @evleaks posted through his twitter account have made one thing very clear- the Google Play Edition of Samsung’s flagship the Galaxy S5 is in production line. What makes us so sure? Well, Samsung released the Galaxy S4 GPE, so why would it not do the same for Galaxy S5?


The Galaxy S5 GPE, which has had its share of leaks in the past is a device many are waiting for as it combines Galaxy S5’s specs with a stock Android. Wondering why go for the GPE instead of the regular TouchWiz-infused variant of the S5? Any Android updates will make their way faster to the GPE than the normal variant. This is so because Google plays a major role in updating the GPE of devices. But GPE of devices come with their cons. opting for the GPE of the S5 will cause you to miss out on the features that Samsung has incorporated into its variant of Android in the S5.

So, which variant of the S5 are you gonna opt for? Leave your views in our comments below.


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