galaxy s5 mini SM G800H front

Not much time has passed since Samsung officially announced the Galaxy S5 Mini and shed some light on its specs. The ‘Mini’ variant of Samsung’s flagship smartphone looks exactly like the S5 and even carries the same fingerprint scanner and the heart-rate monitor. The Mini tag however comes with its cost and the device comes with trimmed down specs.

galaxy s5 mini SM G800H front

Until now, everybody had been clueless about the pricing of the S5 Mini. But recently, an industry source claims to know the pricing of the device and has made it public.

According to the source, the Galaxy S5 Mini will set you back by €479, which seems to be a bit too much for a ‘mini’ phone. This pricing is expected only for European countries and units in other parts of the world will have slight variations in their pricing. The price tag is somewhat higher than expected but the device comes with a heart-rate monitor and full water and dust resistance and that might convince some to spend that amount for the Galaxy S5 Mini.

What do you think? Is this price for the Galaxy S5 Mini justified? Leave your views in our comments below.


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