galaxy s5

Samsung is flaunting the iPhone users for being “wall huggers” or “there they are, cluster around power outlets near the recycling bins, stained carpets and bathrooms. Tether to the wall.”

So it seems like Samsung is bashing or thumping the iPhone for not havingĀ ultra power saving mode or unable to pop in an extra battery pack. Even few tests indicate that Galaxy S5 has great capability of saving power in comparison to any other flagship device. Further ad says to they (iPhone users) are missing out some basic things.

“Denied the freedom to enjoy even the most basic things, like grabbing a drink, or sharing a laugh with your co-workers. Or sitting with someone you know. You’re stuck here until your battery says so.”

Apple does not have a similar power saving feature on the iPhone, nor does it have a removable battery like the Galaxy S5, but users do have quick access to settings like WiFi and Bluetooth, along with options to disable battery draining features like background app usage and location services.

How many of you are always near an outlet to charge up your device?


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